Thorocoat Waterproofing Coating in NYC, Manhattan & Bronx


If you want to get thorocoat waterproofing done at your home and live in New York City, you’ve made it to the right place. GR Construction USA is an experienced construction company in NYC with several decades of experience at its disposal in all kinds of construction, roofing and waterproofing work.

We offer our waterproofing services in Manhattan, the Bronx and NYC. If you live in New Jersey or Yonkers, you can get in touch with us in that case as well. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us immediately for thorocoat installation at your residence in NYC.


Thorocoat is slowly becoming a very popular material to be used for waterproofing. It is a very sturdy and durable material that lasts for a long time after being applied and also protects the walls from water, dampness and all kinds of moisture. You wouldn’t need to worry at all about damp or wet walls in harsher weather conditions after installing a thorocoat waterproofing.

After the masonry work is done on the walls, thorocoat is then applied on top of it. In the case of outdoor structures, thorocoat helps a great deal as it is a very good waterproofing agent. It not only brings a design uniqueness in your structure but also increases the life of the concrete or brickwork on top of which it is applied. In order to install a good thorocoat sheath, you will need to acquire the services of an experienced waterproofing contractor.