Waterproofing of Rooftop Gardens in NYC, Manhattan and Bronx

Roof Garden Waterproofing

Best Roof Garden Waterproofing in NYC

A roof garden waterproofing is not that easy to install. In order to install a good-quality foolproof waterproofing installed at your New York City residence or commercial building, you will need to acquire the services of a contractor that has a very experienced team of pros at its disposal and who knows ifs and buts of the waterproofing process.

GR Construction USA is an experienced contractor in NYC that provides great roofing and waterproofing services to homeowners and commercial buildings. We are the leading construction company in New York City, so you are guaranteed to get great amenities as we have been serving the New Yorkers for decades in the best possible manner.

Waterproofing in Manhattan and the Bronx

Do you live in Manhattan or the Bronx? We’ve got you covered. GR Construction is the best roofing and waterproofing contractor in both the Bronx and Manhattan. Contact us right away for any queries. Our team is ever-present to help you out. You can also call us if you want to book an appointment for an inspection.

Green Roofing

Green roofing is one of the most widely used roofing types these days in the United States. The natural habitat on top of the roof is environment-friendly and is definitely better than other chemicals and plastic-material roofs. Plants and greenery are watered as usual and make up for a wonderful experience for the homeowner.

Is green roofing free from water leakage?

Normally when we talk about green roofing, it means watering the greenery and vegetation on the roof. Some people might think green roofs are free from leakage and seepage but that isn’t true. Green roofs are prone to water leakage and can easily throw some moisture and dampness on the inside of the roof inside the house as well which is not good.

What if dampness enters your home via Roof Garden?

If dampness enters your home due to the green roof installation, it will weaken the overall roofing structure. If you’ve painted the roof too, then due to dampness inside, the paint might fall off too, which isn’t pretty. The overall environment inside the house also becomes quite clammy which isn’t good for the overall hygiene in the house.

Advantages of Roof Garden Waterproofing

The key benefit of getting waterproofing installed on your roof garden or green roofing is that you will be saved from water seepage and leakage. This will keep the green roofing in a good condition and will also ensure that the environment inside your home remains fully healthy and hygienic. Waterproofing which is also root-resistant further ensures that no damage to the inner surface of the roof is done. Without adequate waterproofing, the roof and green roofing will rot much quicker.