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What is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the process of securing and safeguarding your house from the wet environment. It has become a very essential part of building a good quality house as homes these days, especially those at areas where there is a lot of rainfall throughout the year, need to be protected from leakages as they can be quite harmful in weakening the house roof, walls, and the base. The base if not properly waterproofed can even lead to the collapse of the house due to wetness.

Securing all areas of the house from wetness is a very important part of keeping the house well-maintained. So, whether its basement, roof, walls or exterior, proper care should be given to this area as well to safeguard the house from possible damages that might occur due to leakages.

To have a good-quality waterproofing installed at your home, you must get this job done via a very experienced construction company. If you reside in New York City, GR Construction is the best construction company that deals with all kinds of roofing and waterproofing problems. We serve all the areas of NYC, including Manhattan and Bronx. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced staff which puts great attention to detail while doing any waterproofing jobs.

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Experience is something that has taught GR Construction in how to keep getting better at what we do. More than 20 years of serving Manhattan, Bronx and NYC has made our team capable of providing solutions for all kinds of construction issues from simple roofing in New York to professional waterproofing and repair projects too. The work we do not only provides security and safety for the time being but the remedies we provide last for several years, which makes us the most reliable construction company in the New York City area.

GR Construction has always focused on providing state-of-the-art facilities and ensuring that our customers get reliable and effective services, that too at very affordable prices. We provide a great inspection, diagnosis and repair services at very affordable costs hence giving our customers a great balance between quality and affordability.

We carefully monitor the work which goes on at your place and has a quality assurance team that ensures quality work. All quality work is done by our very skillful team. These services are the ones which separate us from our competitors.

Residential waterproofing

Seeking a waterproofing service for your residential building? Look no further as GR Construction brings you the best waterproofing services in the entire city of New York. We have a team of professional experts who, from initial inspection to complete waterproofing, do their jobs diligently and make sure that everything is done to perfection at the first attempt. Our team also makes sure that our clients have to hassle as little as possible during the waterproofing installation. That is why we are the best waterproofing amenity in New York City.

Commercial waterproofing contractors in NYC, Manhattan & Bronx

If you are seeking a waterproofing contractor for your commercial building in New York City, you’re at the ideal destination. GR Construction prides itself in offering wonderful roofing and waterproofing services to its customers in the New York City area. We have a great team of hardworking experts, who from inspection to applying the amicable solution, do their jobs with immense hard work. We offer very competitive prices to our clients too.

If you are seeking a deal that offers you very good value for money, GR Construction is the place for you. We have years of experience in commercial buildings waterproofing in New York City. We are the ideal contractors for you, and we always try to make the whole situation transparent and clear to our clients, so that they have a better idea about the entire state of affairs.

Waterproofing Services Offered in New York City

Our clients seek high-quality and professional work done at their place. They also expect non-hassling construction work which makes sure that their lives are not disturbed. They also expect that the work which is done is performed right at the first attempt. GR Construction proudly offers our clients all these services:

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  • Basement waterproofing
  • Roof waterproofing
  • Wall waterproofing
  • Exterior waterproofing
  • Liquid waterproofing
  • Waterproofing foundation walls
  • Roof deck waterproofing
  • Cinder block waterproofing
  • Skylight waterproofing
  • Lifetime waterproofing
Basement waterproofing

When a house grows older, its basement also ages and weakens over time. This weakening can be greatly increased if the basement is made available to water and wetting. Even a slight leakage will be quite harmful to the joints and walls beneath the house, and continuous wetting of those walls and joints might result in collapsing of the house if the issue is not diagnosed and cured in due time.

Thankfully for you, GR Construction provides dedicated basement waterproofing in New York City, and our service is the best you’ll find in NYC. A professionally experienced staff have years of basement waterproofing experience always comes in handy at the actual spot and helps in proper inspection of the place, which greatly helps in executing the necessary repairs.

Waterproofing basement floor cracks

There are some cases where your basement could be flooded with water due to cracks on the floor. When your foundation is laid, the soil is dug and taken out, and replaced with your foundation and basement walls. The remaining space is filled with soil but that soil is soft and fluffy and is no way as hard as the soil is taken out.

This makes that soil more prone to absorbing moisture and water, which will end up clogging your basement and foundation walls with wetness too and can result in cracks which cause the water to seep inside. GR Construction, in New York City, offers you the option to get your basement floor cracks repaired alongside a foolproof waterproofing service, which virtually ensures that your basement remains free from water leakages and moisture.

Roof waterproofing

Having a good quality roof that doesn’t leak makes life much easier. A roof which often leaks will be a severe cause of headache for you and also destabilize your life. That is why a good quality roof is so important to have to save your house from leakages and wet environments.

The first thing to have a waterproofed roof is the material used in the roofing itself. The roofing in New York should be of very good quality, and if the roofing is old, there is a good chance of the roof leaking itself due to the wearing age and quality of the roofing materials. So, in that case, full new roofing should be done which will improve the waterproofing of your house.

If the roofing is of good-quality but it still leaks, then in that case, you will have to hire a construction company that will do the roofing process. Many kinds of roof waterproofing are done from iron to cemented sheet roofing. GR Construction has a great team of professional roofers that do the entire roofing process with great precision and accuracy, and we are the pioneer NYC roof waterproofing service there is.

Wall waterproofing

For any building, waterproofing is a must-have if you’re seeking extended durability and longevity. So, to preserve the building, the walls which make up the building need to be adequately waterproofed as well to secure maximum protection. If you want to keep your home wet-free, you will need to install wall waterproofing via a good construction amenity. GR Construction in NYC provides great wall waterproofing amenities, which virtually guarantee that your walls will be safe from wetness for a long time.

Exterior waterproofing

The biggest source of a wet roof, basement or wall comes from external sources such as rain or waterlogged land, etc. So, to counter that issue, external waterproofing should be done so that your house could remain waterproofed from moisture. To achieve that, you need an experienced company that has done exterior waterproofing in the past. GR Construction is blessed to have a wonderful group of employees very proficient in basement, roof and exterior waterproofing in New York City.

Liquid waterproofing

Liquid waterproofing is a unique solution to moisture and wetness in the roof and walls which can be installed quite easily by using a brush or roller to the surface on which it is installed like concrete, which results in development of a thick layer on top of the concrete, hence preserving the inner surface of the concrete from water and moisture.

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The main advantage of applying this form of waterproofing is its extreme simplicity in being applied. The construction company can hence cover large areas of the place on which the waterproofing is to be installed, hence forming a thick membrane that is very durable and sturdy. One thing to keep in mind is the thickness of the layer. The membrane should be adequately thicker as a thin membrane has a good chance of breaking down quite easily, which will create problems for the homeowner.

There are different solutions to waterproofing but liquid membrane has proven to be the most reliable of them. Other materials such as sheets can wear down with time, but the membrane stays intact and remains there for a very long time, hence making this form of waterproofing tremendously unswerving. Its main usage comes when applied on concrete, and when it is applied, it also fills up cracks on the surface of the concrete hence making the whole concrete body foolproof from water and also increases its overall strength.

GR Construction has a very dependable team of employees who are very skilled in applying a very fine quality liquid waterproofing. Our methods by which we do our job guarantees a very good service in a short time and at very affordable rates, hence making the entire condition a win-win for the client.

Waterproofing foundation walls

Many issues could happen with a house. Burning is probably the most dangerous thing but the next dangerous thing is wetting of the foundational structure on which the entire house is built on. The foundation is a very key part of the house as it is responsible for holding the house where it is meant to be and a stronger foundation will help keep the house safe and secure from collapsing.

Whenever a problem occurs, we always try to seek the source of the problem. The same is the case with foundation wearying. Water is the main root of the problem which results in a malfunctioned footing, which is very dangerous as the whole building is dependent on that. Wet soil which surrounds the base also becomes loose and less strong, which has a direct impact on the overall foundation forte.

The main problem that arises is that people think about concrete as a foolproof material, which it is not to water. A damaged or cracked concrete is very prone to water seepage but even concrete which is not cracked tends to absorb moisture and make it wetter. So, to have a strong structure, keeping water and other moisture substances away is an integral part.

How much prone the foundation is to water and moisture depends on how wet the soil is and how much it rains at that location. You must also check to see the material used as the foundation as that has a significant impact on the condition of the footing too. GR Construction has the best foundation walls waterproofing in New York City, which ensures that your house base will remain secure from all kinds of hazardous conditions, and last for a long time, much more than it normally would.

Roof deck waterproofing

There are a variety of waterproofing materials but of all of them, the most different one is the roof deck waterproofing. In this, a roof decking is installed on the roof to make it waterproofed while keeping the entire gable easily walkable.

Roof decking is very popular especially for flat roofs, which is where it thrives so much when installed. Non-flat roofs just roll the water from them downwards due to their curvature but flat roofs have to be quite sturdy and significantly more waterproofed than a usual shingle roofing.

There are many options in flat waterproofing as well from Asphaltic tar and spray coating but the best one is a multi-ply PVC membrane, which has the quality to hold up quite well in rigorous weather conditions. GR Construction facilitates great roof deck waterproofing facilities to its clients.

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Cinder block waterproofing

Cinder or concrete blocks are used quite often during the construction of exterior and foundation walls. They are made of concrete, sand, gravel, and cement. Cinder blocks are also much more prone to water and moisture seeping, which makes them strong but not so durable materials to be used for foundation walls.

Cinder blocks do tend to last for a long time and that is why they are so commonly used, but that doesn’t change the fact that if placed in a wet basement, they will keep on deteriorating with time and lose the battle at the end.

For that purpose, adequate waterproofing for cinder blocks should be applied as that can significantly increase the blocks’ lives and also make them much stronger to wet conditions. GR Construction has a full team which provides dedicated cinder block waterproofing service in New York City.

Skylight waterproofing

Skylights and windows are often used in homes and commercial buildings these days, especially skylights. They’re generally made of transparent glass which makes for more sunlight coming through while also protecting the building. But, that glass is sealed with other things like metal as well to support the entire structure. The glass itself doesn’t leak, but when other substrates are used to make up the structure, chances of water seeping through become quite obvious.

To cope with such a situation, GR Construction has its skylight waterproofing service in which our roofers inspect the entire structure and diagnose the issues very carefully. After doing that, they execute the necessary repairs to fully seal the skylight so that no water or moisture ever comes in. GR Construction in New York City offers premium skylight waterproofing facilitations at very affordable prices, which is why we are the ideal waterproofing contractor for you.

Lifetime waterproofing

Are you looking for a lifetime waterproofing service that would relieve you of all the hassle for waterproofing your foundation walls over and over? We have a solution for you at GR Construction. When you avail our lifetime waterproofing service, we cause no damage at all to your home.

We make sure that your walls and floors remain protected from all kinds of water leakages. Our service will further guarantee that water leakage from cracked pipes or pipe joints does not impact your basement at all, hence allaying those fears too. This will further give peace and comfort to your mind knowing that no matter what condition your house is put through, it will remain safe from foundation collapses.

The average cost to waterproof foundation in NYC

To get a foundation waterproofed, it costs from $4k-$5k to an average house owner. Little repairs could cost from $500-$1k as well. But, issues such as fixing cracks and installing a structure to drain water can cost over $10k. That is a lot of money for an average homeowner.

No matter where your house is located, getting a proper waterproofing basement installed should be a priority. To avoid your home foundation from getting filled with water, a necessary system needs to be in place to counter such issues. For that purpose, you should always avail the services of a top-notch contractor who knows ifs and buts of the waterproofing process. If you live in or around New York City, GR Construction has everything at its disposal to relieve you of all the water-leakage hassle.

What are the types of waterproofing?

Waterproofing is used as an additional barrier to moisture and wetness, which results in the building lasting far more than it is supposed to. This makes the building sturdier, and many kinds of materials are used for this purpose like bituminous materials, liquid waterproofing, cementitious and polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane, etc.

  1. Bituminous Material

This waterproofing is also widely known as Asphalt membrane. Its basic purpose is to act as a strong membrane to wetness and is extremely useful especially for buildings that are based on concrete structures. It becomes weak over time when exposed to direct sunlight but that effect can be significantly reduced by adding a polymer with it during the installation, which makes it an ideal waterproofing agent.

  1. Polyurethane Liquid Membrane

This kind of waterproofing is more expensive as compared to other types of waterproofing and is very suitable for flat roofs. The moment this membrane is being installed, one must check the wetness of the material on which it is being installed, otherwise, the strength of the membrane will not be as strong as it should.

  1. Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

It consists of a thin coating which is applied with the help of a spray or a roller on the surface. It provides much more flexibility as compared to some other waterproofing types. The overall durability depends on the kind and amount of the polymer added in the liquid mixture.

How much does waterproofing cost?

The average cost for a good quality basement waterproofing is from $8k to $15k, but the overall price depends on the place you live in and the kind of material to be used for waterproofing. The best for a client would be a service that not only does great quality waterproofing but also does so at affordable rates, hence creating a great balance between the price and quality, and this is exactly what’s being offered by GR Construction in NYC.

How long should Waterproofing last?

If you install a great quality waterproofing done by experienced pros, you can easily expect that to last for well over a decade. On average, waterproofing can last at least 10 years, but it will easily last more if good quality materials are used and the entire process is carefully monitored by a very experienced construction team.

What is the purpose of waterproofing?

The main purpose of waterproofing is to get your walls and foundation secure from wet conditions. Wetness decreases the strength and lasting time of the materials used for the foundation, and weak foundations have more chance of collapsing if the issue is not dealt with in due time.

A good quality waterproofing will last for several years and keep providing you the much-needed protection from moisturized soil and wet conditions. Roof waterproofing is also done to ensure that in times of severe weather, your roof does not leak, which will further protect your home from the colder and wetter climate as no one wants his or her roof to leak during tough weather conditions.

The city of New York sees many kinds of weather every year, so adequate preparation should be done in advance so that your home could cope much better against very tough and hazardous conditions. GR Construction has been operating in the city of New York for years and providing top-quality roofing and waterproofing amenities to its customers at very cheap prices.

Why waterproofing is done? What are its advantages?

Waterproofing is extremely beneficial in those places where either it rains a lot or the soil of that area is soggy and wet. That sogginess causes the foundations of the house to get wet and significantly weakens it, which makes the house weaker as well.

So, to cope with that situation, waterproofing of foundation walls and roof is done, which secures the house as well as the people living inside it. Waterproofing has been known to be significantly advantageous against wet conditions, and that is why it is strongly recommended for every place where the context around the house is surrounded by wetness.

Waterproofing Contractors in New York City

There are many waterproofing companies offering services for securing your home from all kinds of wetness. GR Construction USA is one of those companies too. But the key difference is that we provide all our services in a way no one else does. We provide top-notch services at very cheap prices which creates a lovely balance for the homeowners.

That results in the clients not only saving a lot of money at that time but on future repairs too due to the quality of waterproofing done. You can invite our team for an inspection, and we don’t like to hide anything away from our customers. We make the entire situation as transparent as we can which makes this even clearer to the client, and that is why we have loads of happy homeowners. So, what are you waiting for? Contact GR Construction right away for both roofing and waterproofing services in New York City, Manhattan & Bronx.