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Ever wondered about the condition of your home and how sturdy it is? These days, people are too busy in their daily lives that they often forget about the most important thing that binds them all together; their home. They just build it and leave it as it is but that has a lot of repercussions. If you’re going to stay long term at a place you own, you must take care of it and keep it properly maintained.

Two main areas of a house that wear down with age and weaken even more quickly when they are not properly maintained are the roof and the foundation. A roof covers the upper part of the house while a foundation ensures that the house remains firm throughout its lifespan. If any of the above-mentioned areas weaken, there can be severe damage to the overall condition of the house. So, proper maintenance of your house is very important.

In New York City, both roofing and foundation waterproofing cost quite a lot of money. So, people sometimes don’t think about upgrading either of them due to a bucket load of finances they have to arrange. Average roofing or waterproofing can end up costing a homeowner thousands of dollars, which is quite a lot of money for a person who has to pay the bills, dues, pay for food, his kids, his car and so many other things. Add the roofing or waterproofing price with it and the load becomes quite substantial, especially for a middle-class New Yorker.

The Best Roofing & Waterproofing Contractors in New York, Manhattan & Bronx

This is why GR Construction USA was started. Our primary focus is providing awesome services at a fraction of the price of what some other companies do. This is what makes us the ideal roofing and waterproofing service in all areas of New York City, including NYC, Manhattan and Bronx. We offer low cost but quality services, thanks to a very highly-experienced staff, we’ve got everything covered needed to make sure that you get the best in the entire area at an affordable price.

There are several contractors currently offering similar prices in NYC. This also makes things quite tricky for a homeowner as it becomes extremely difficult for them to decide on what’s best for them. We make this job entirely easy for them when we charge a limited price but provide outstanding services to our customers.

We always keep honest with our job and to our customers as well. It has been so many years since we began our operations in NYC, and New Yorkers have been seeing our high-quality work ever since. We offer friendly, cheap, affordable and very super-quality services which make up for a very good overall experience. We make sure to help and guide our customers at every step along the way from inspection to a replacement or a repair so that they exactly are up-to-date about the ground realities. This transparency also makes us the ideal contractor for you.

Commercial and Residential Roofing Company

To you, a roof might just seem like just a roof. But, there is quite a difference between a commercial roof and a residential roof, and the roofing structuring depends on the kind of roof as well. Whether the damage occurs to a residential roof or a commercial roof, the repercussions are quite a lot and quite a healthy cheque might have to be paid for repairs.

To properly install them and keep them in use for years and years, the finest quality materials should be used in their construction. Materials that last long and are very durable should be used. It is very important to know the differences between a residential roof and a commercial roof as materials of different quality are used in the construction of both.

The materials used in the construction of both residential and commercial roofs vary a lot depending on the shape and size of the roof, and the conditions of the weather in that area. Only professionally experienced roofers can guide about the kinds of materials that are suited in the roof construction. That is why it is strongly recommended to always hire a very experienced roofing company that will not only do everything in a great way but also keep briefing the homeowner about the project progress in a transparent manner.

The commonly used materials for both types of roofing in NYC are Asphalt, Wood shakes, Metal roofing and solar shingles, etc. Most commercial roofs are flat while residential roofs have slopes on each side where shingles can be installed easily. For all kinds of roofing services in New York City, GR Construction is the way to go as we have everything a client wants in his dream roofing replacement and installation.

Types of Roofing Services We Offer

For both commercials as well as private usage, a lot of materials are used in roofing, and each material has its pros and cons, and durability. We offer commercial roofing, roof replacement, 4-Ply roofing, EPDM roofing, TPO roofing, rubberized roofing, green roofing, home roofing, steel roofing and all kinds of roofing repairs. We provide all these services in New York City, and that too at extraordinarily cheap contractor rates as most contractors charge way more than we do, and we also make sure to keep the quality-standards very high during the roofing process.

  1. New Roof Installation

Many people prefer to have the best quality roofs installed in their homes when building them so that they don’t have to worry about roofing issues later when they move in. This is where our team and fine services come into the fore. GR Contractors USA has always focused on serving the New Yorkers, and we’ve been doing this for decades now. We are available in all five boroughs of NYC and Manhattan and Bronx too.

  1. Roof Repairs

After your roof is installed, it will face nature and the natural process of wear and tear will keep happening slowly. When you properly keep the roof maintained and perform adequate repairs in due time, the damaged roof won’t be able to exert any structural damage on any other part of the house.

GR Construction is a company that specializes in roof repairs in New York City and is ever-present to keep guiding and helping you in the repair of your damaged roof. But, often there is confusion between homeowners about when they should call the construction company for an inspection. Here, we’ll enlighten you with the different kinds of roofing repairs we perform in NYC.

  1. Fascia Replacement

The area of the roof which gives support and protection to the lower edges is called fascia. Usually, the fascia of a common roof is made of wooden materials that give an extra layer of insulation. But, the fascia has been known to be quite prone to water damage as it is the first layer of protection for the roof. When your fascia gets waterlogged, it will need to be replaced. That is usually done by hiring a construction team that will perform the necessary repairs.

  1. Shingle Replacement

The shingles installed on your house roof often wear and tear with time. They are faced with sunlight, rain, snow or hail depending on the weather conditions in your area. So, it is easily understandable that they will wear down with age. To get them replaced, you are going to need the services of an experienced contractor which will brief you in detail from inspection to repairs. If you reside in NYC, contact GR Construction right away for the best roof shingle repairs and replacement.

  1. Gutter Cleaning

When your house is exposed to heavy rainfall like it often happens when a low category hurricane or cyclone strikes, the gutters will give added protection to your foundation and roof from damage caused by water. Often during the winter season, the gutter is clogged, which can block them and prevent the smooth seepage of water through them. In that case, they need to be repaired by a contractor.

Waterproofing Company in NYC

There are often situations when it rains too much and your house gets wet from all the rainfall. Waterproofing helps to protect your home from all the wetness. When it rains too often, the house might remain protected but the outside soil doesn’t. The soil when it gets waterlogged or wet seeps that moisture slowly towards the foundation and results in significantly weakening it, which can have catastrophic consequences if the issue is not dealt with.

Adequate coverage should be given to protecting the roof and foundation from the wet environment. Waterproofing helps in prolonging the lifespan of parts used to build the house and further strengthens and improves its durability. That is why it is always recommended to do a good waterproofing of your home.

Types of Water Proofing

There are many kinds of waterproofing services our company offers with different kinds used in different circumstances. The first type is when cement is used as a waterproofing method. This is usually done indoors and not in areas where the layer is exposed to sunlight as that can cripple the membrane. A cement mixture is usually applied by masons indoors like in toilets. The indoor usage is because the cement applied does not contract at all, which means no water absorption.

The second different waterproofing method is when a liquid membrane is applied on a roof or a foundation with the help of a spray or roller. The liquid acts as an anti-moisture element and prevents all kinds of water and moisture seepage through it, which gives added protection to the foundation. These are the two common waterproofing types found to be quite effective in waterproofing roofs and foundations.

Home Improvement Contractor

The best thing about GR Construction is that we are not just limited to a few services. We offer all kinds of house services, which makes us flexible in what we provide to our clients. We provide all home improvement amenities like exterior and interior services.

In the exterior, we offer all kinds of services like sidewalk repairs, building restoration, stoop repair and brick pointing to name a few. In the interior, we provide kitchen, basement, bathroom, and apartment remodeling and tile installation to name a few services. When we’re at your place, no need to worry at all about your home improvement. We know what we’re doing and guarantee that you will be getting the best home improvement services possible in the NYC metropolitan area.

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About GR Construction USA

General Construction is a New York-based company that has been facilitating the New Yorkers in all kinds of roofing, waterproofing, and home improvements for decades. Whether you want a residential roofing or a commercial roofing service, we’re the ideal option for you in either case if you reside in New York City, Manhattan or Bronx.

Installing, fixing or repairing roofs is all quite a delicate responsibility, and we make sure that whatever we do is ideal for your roof, and for that exact purpose, we have a highly-qualified staff that makes it work precisely. We always prioritize customer satisfaction, so that you can be sure of getting the best services you’ve ever been given by any contractor. We work with complete transparency and ensure that all the repairing or installation stuff can be done while remaining within your budget limit.

If you’ve got any queries about how we operate, you can contact us right away, and our crew is available 24/7 to help you out. You can then book an appointment with us where our inspection team will come to your place and diagnose the issue for the best repairs available.

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Why Choose GR Construction if You Are Looking for a Roofer in NYC

A plethora of reasons support the fact that we are the ideal contractor for both roofing and waterproofing services in NYC, Manhattan and Bronx. The roofing we apply does not tear off at all. If you want a roofing replacement, you wouldn’t need to evacuate your place. The work on replacements will keep going on while you stay at your place.

When you use our roofing service, you can be sure of the roofing lasting for a long time. The waterproofing we apply is seamless and free of cracks or ridges and ensures that no intruding water can enter the roof or foundation or at any place, the waterproofing is installed. Last but not least, the most important thing of them all, we are super-economical. You can save tons of money on roofing replacement just at GR Construction. We have the best available rates to give you the best possible amenities for your house.

Our Costs

Our total costs are totally dependent on what kind of roofing or waterproofing service you choose from us. If you choose a repair, the price for that would be less while if you decide that your house needs a complete roofing replacement, you can expect to be charged a lot more than a repair. The total pricing depends on the kinds of amenities you choose. But, the thing that we guarantee is that you will always get the cheapest rates for whatever service you choose. You can get a quote from our portal too, which can further guide you a bit further about the approximate expenses you might have to incur for roof repairs, replacement or any kind of waterproofing.

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