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No matter what type your roof is, it is a symbol of a very significant investment. It doesn’t matter if it is commercial or residential, it represents your home or commercial building and also acts as a protection from various external hazards. So, it is a very heavy investment. When you use GR Construction USA, you can fully trust us to protect your hard-earned investment. The systems that we install on houses and commercial buildings last a very long time and are extremely durable.

We offer roofing in a wide variety of materials for both personal and commercial roofing, which gives our customers a host of options when deciding on what’s best for their roof. If you’re seeking an option which is not only cost-effective but also provides great durability and value for money for the roofing, then GR Construction USA is the ideal option for you in this case.


A roof of any building is the top area which is commonly covered with some material or cladding for added protection and security. This covering is called roofing. Roofing is generally done by construction workers who do all this process by hand.

There are a variety of materials that are used for roofing from aluminium to asphalt shingles. Roofing with a sturdy material is very important to protect the inner core of the roof material. A poorly maintained roof can never cope with natural hazards like rain, storms and snow.

A well-maintained roof will be able to face all kinds of dangerous natural hazards while protecting your roof with immense care. To keep a roof well-sustained, you need a construction service, which performs the necessary repairs and adds appropriate roofing material to further solidify your house roof and protect it from dangerous hazards.

Four Most Popular Roofing Types in New York

When you properly understand the different kinds of roofs that are popular among the public, you’ll be able to know and understand the price of those types in a much better way.

Asphalt Shingles

In North America, Asphalt is the most popular material used for roofing. If the asphalt shingles are adequately maintained and taken care of, they can last from twenty to twenty-five years. But, having said that, there are different asphalt shingles with a different impact rating. An asphalt shingle with one rating will be more prone to damages than the shingle of another rating.

Wooden Shingles

Wooden roofs are especially popular in the state of Maryland, where wooden roofs made of cedar are very sturdy and robust and can last for nearly twenty years. Cedar is very rot-resistant, so it can handle tough weather and that makes wooden shingles so popular in Maryland.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is gaining a lot of popularity these days, especially in the United States. Mostly, metals used for roofing are Aluminium, Zinc and Copper. Metal roofs have been known to last for over half a century, which is significantly more than Asphalt but metallic roofing also costs a lot more as compared to Asphalt.

Slate Roofing

Slate has a very similar cost to wood and metal shingles but it can last even more than the aforementioned materials. Slates have been known to last well over a century. They are fire-resistant and very strong to deflect high winds. But, their weak point is heavy snow, which can damage these slates, but if you want to use them in an area where there is less snow, then slates are strongly recommended.

What type of flat roofing is best for you?

There are many different kinds of flat roofing, and the best one for you might depend on a variety of factors including the condition and state of your roof as well as your surroundings. Many kinds of flat roofing are locally and commercially used such as asphalt, EPDM, metal, PVC, glass-reinforced plastic and many other different kinds of flat roofing are available. The best one; however, depends on varying factors like roof condition and its surroundings. Weather also has quite a big impact on what kind of roofing is ideal.

Green Roofing in New York City

In the last few years, the concept of green roofing has gained pace and has become one of the most rising phenomena of the great city of New York. It is an extremely good alternative to traditional roofing and is very eco-friendly.

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Here at GR Construction USA, we are proud to say that we’re one of the very few construction companies in the entire city of New York to offer very find green roofing services. We’ve set very high working standards and quality of work, which means that we ensure very high-quality work at any place we go and apply green roofing in New York City.

If you need a fine green roofing amenity and can’t budge on the quality of work done on your roof, then get in touch with GR Construction USA right away as the quality of roofing service which we will provide you can’t be experienced anywhere else.

Benefits of Green Roofing

When we go-green in something, there are near to no disadvantages we have to incur. Same is the case with green roofing, which has a plethora of advantages. The main impact on the environment is the reduction in Carbon Monoxide in the air. It is also extremely helpful in eradicating Nitrogen pollutants in rain. Green roofing also plays a vital role in securing a safe natural habitat where wildlife could thrive and prosper. There are so many advantages to nature by having more green roofing.

Don't settle for second best services

When you’ve decided to do the roofing of your house, do not settle for cheap services. First, make up your mind that in case you’re going to do your house roofing, it has to be ultra-high-quality. You should never settle for super-cheap services that deliver a very poor roofing experience.

GR Construction USA is the best company which does all kinds of roofing tasks, and that too with remarkable efficiency. In the case of green roofing, it is not cheap at all and a lot of effort needs to be put to properly install and maintain it. For that purpose, you should always rely on a service which you can trust and one which delivers very fine services. GR Construction is the one you should choose for roofing in the New York City area.

What is a sedum roof?

A sedum roof is not a separate roofing type. It is just a kind of green roofing. Sedum is a succulent plant which for its type is perfect for green roofing. This is not just one plant; however. It has hundreds of plant types inside of it which can be used for green roofing.

A sedum roof is also an extensive green roof, and it is the most low-maintenance and cost-effective type of green roof. Sedum roofing also requires quite low water amount for maintaining themselves, so natural habitat along with low maintenance cost suits people perfectly.

Flat Roofing Services

We are the leading roofing service in New York City offers wonderful services of serene quality and makes the entire roofing process very efficient and affordable for the customer as well. Our services are not restricted to commercial level alone. We cover both small scale and large scale projects with great efficiency and high-quality work.

No matter what type of material we use for roofing, we guarantee that top-notch work will be provided. Our qualified team of experts will help you in the best possible way whether it is for a new roofing or a refurbished one. From fibreglass to rubber and liquid plastics, we do all types of flat roofing in New York City.

Provide superior Flat roofing services

GR Construction USA offers premium roof installation and roof replacement services which are different from all other construction firms. The experienced team of roofers we have will do a detailed inspection of the place and suggest the appropriate roofing for that place, which helps as consultancy with professionals always helps to improve things in a much better way.

We don’t offer flat roofing for no reason. We offer it because this kind of roofing has several advantages over other roofing types. The installation is very easy and extremely affordable, which makes things convenient both for the house owner and the roofer team.

Flat roofing provides great resistance to strong winds and further strengthens your roof. It is quite efficient and the materials used for installing it are very cost-effective and durable. All in all, it makes for an outstanding package for the end-customers.

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When does the Warning come that your Roof should be replaced?

Homeowners only get a vague idea about either to replace their roof or settle for a repair. Your roof can only get you so far and, surely, it won’t last forever. Let’s consider a situation that your roof was installed in the year 2004. This means your roof has been in place for over 15 years. In this scenario, replacing your roof will be the wisest decision and if you don’t do anything about it immediately, you risk paying over the odds for roof replacement on emergency terms, which will definitely increase the price. So, you should always plan rather than waiting for things to happen and then reacting after that.

When the shingles get damaged over time, this is a time when you should consider getting your roof replaced. If your roof is of asphalt shingles, the granules that are embossed on the shingles will start to come off and might scatter on the roof. That is also another indication that the roof is wearing down to a time when it needs a replacement.

Estimating the Price of Your Roof Replacement in NYC

There aren’t just one or two things that go into predicting the approximate price of a roof replacement. Lots of points need to be carefully examined before coming out with a combined overall price for the roof. The kind of material used alongside the construction costs of the company are the two main things that should be kept in mind before reaching an amicable solution to finding the exact roofing cost.

Roof Size

The first key thing is knowing how big the roof is, as the bigger the roof, the higher the cost of shingles will be as well and hence more shingles will be used to cover the roof. For example, the cost for a 100 square feet roof will be considerably less than a 200 square feet roof provided the same materials are used to cover both of them.

Roof Pitch and Slope

The roof slope and pitch can have a significant impact on the overall roofing cost. If the slope of the roof is too much and some areas are not naturally accessible and dangerous for the roofers, then there might be a need for extra staging and support which will end up increasing the overall roofing price.


Another key thing that has a significant impact on the roofing cost is labour. The experience and quality of the labour perform is quite important and that can increase the prices for individual labour and hence appreciates the overall roofing project cost.

Choosing the Right Roofers in New York City for a Roof Replacement

After you’ve detected the materials to use for roofing and the predicted price, the next key thing is deciding on which construction company to choose which will do your roofing. It is very difficult for any homeowner to choose a suitable constructor, but generally, it is all about trusting the company as well as the labour which will conduct the job. Clarity of thought is something all companies must give to the homeowner, and that is something that builds trust between the two.

When a constructor goes into fine details about the inspection and the whole project that makes things clearer to the homeowner and gives an idea to them that the contractor fully understands the whole situation and hence makes the decision of choosing the contractor quite easy. The more details the contractor provides, the better it is.

The Roof Replacement Process

When you feel that the time has come to get your roof replaced, you’ll have to find a suitable contractor which does the job for you in an efficient but effective manner. Following are the main key points on how a roof replacement works.

Inspections and Estimates

It is recommended that you don’t just invite one contractor and hire them. It is wise to invite several constructors and know about their understanding of the project and the estimated cost based on square feet. Then, you can choose one which you feel is best for you at an affordable price.

Eradication of Old Shingles

If your previous roofing is quite old, it will need to be removed first before the new shingles will be installed. If the roofing is already in a very good condition, the roofers will install a new shingles layer on top of the existing layer, which will end up improving the overall strength and sturdiness of the roof.

Choosing your Roofing Type

It is very important to choose the right kind of roofing. There are mainly three kinds of roofing commonly used in the US. The first is three-tab shingles, architectural shingles and cool roofs. You can choose the appropriate type based on your requirements and house structure.

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It takes around one to two days to install a full new roof with shingles. Constructors also often use the containers to throw useless debris in them and remove the containers upon roofing completion. If the currently installed roof is in a very solid condition, new roofing with new shingles can be installed on top of the first layer as well, so there is quite a lot of flexibility in finding a viable solution to your roofing issues.

Need Roof Repair or Replacement in New York City?

Is your roof leaking on a wet, cold, rainy day? If yes, then you’ll most probably need a repair and a full replacement wouldn’t be needed. But, if the roof is old and leaking from multiple places, you will need a full roof replacement as in the cold, wet weather, no one likes his roof to leak. A quick replacement can be done easily via GR Construction.

GR Construction USA is a roofing company in New Yorblessed to have a wonderful team of professionally experienced roofers who carefully examine the roof and tell you whether you need a small repair or a full replacement. We are the ideal roofing partner for you in New York, and you can fully trust us to serve you well at the cheapest possible price.

Emergency Roof Repair Service

When a roof suddenly starts leaking, you’ll need to immediately get it repaired to avoid the roof from getting seriously damaged. For that purpose, GR Construction USA offers a dedicated emergency roof repairing service in which our team is always ready to work on an emergency repair whenever needed. So, you are guaranteed to be safe in all cases using GR Construction.

Leak Detection and Repair Services

Whether you want a small repair or a full roof replacement, you can always rely on GR Construction to provide you the best roofing services possible. Our experienced team will be able to fix your leaking roof in time and stop the damaged roof from causing significant structural damage to your house roof. You can always trust us with your roofing.

The roofing amenities offered by us are unique and solve a wide range of roofing issues, and that is what makes GR Construction the ideal roofing contractor for you. Whether you want to get a small leak repaired or intend to replace the whole roof, you can rely on us to serve you in the best possible way. We offer both residential and commercial roofing, and there are no other construction companies which offer the kind of roofing services we do.

Your Local Roofing Installation Experts

When you avail the services of GR Construction, there are no hidden charges at all. We deliver premium roofing services are very affordable costs. With our amenities, you get very experienced contractors who possess years of roofing experience and that too at very affordable prices. We not only serve industrial clients but also offer our services for both commercials as well as residential roofing.

Finding a High-quality Roof Repair Service in Manhattan & Bronx

Whenever your house roof begins to leak, you’re going to get it repaired right away no matter how much it leaks. Failure in having a timely roof repair will most probably result in severe damage to other parts of the house and the roof. This will give an upward kick to the overall cost you’ll have to bear on house and roof repairs.

The total cost for a solid roof repair can be quite high, so it is obligatory to find a company which offers great quality services at affordable prices. Having said that, you shouldn’t just go on and select the company which is the most inexpensive as their rates will not be very good at all.

Instead, what you can go is find a company in mid-range section where the price is not too high and the services are exemplary as well. GR Construction USA is the ideal company for you in this regard. What you must do is get the repair done very well at the first attempt or else after every few months, you’ll be disbursing even more money in repairs.

Chimneys Repair Service

Failure in proper maintenance of chimneys can create huge problems. They can get seriously damaged or even collapse if not enough care is taken. This will not only put your roof in danger but also put your family and yourself in danger too if the chimney collapses. So, you should always abstain from leaving things in the hands of Mother Nature. Always attempt to get those things fixed quickly.

We have a highly experienced chimney repairing service which performs expert repairs and maintenance for your chimney. No matter where you are in NYC, we’ll make sure to repair your chimney in a quick time at a very cheap price.

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Emergency Flat Roof Repairs

Flat roofs are notorious for being a little weaker and more prone to damages and cracks as compared to other roof types. GR Construction USA provides a great flat roofing amenity which not only lasts more but is also extremely durable.

It doesn’t matter whether you need a flat roof for your home, garage, office or any other place, we’ve got all areas covered for flat roofing. We offer many kinds of green roofing, both green and conventional materials roofing.

A variety of materials are used for flat roofing like asphalt, metal or other material-made shingles. This gives our customers a wide range of options when considering which kind of roofing is the best for their house. Our team of experts also makes some recommendations to customers on what roofing is ideal for them.

Benefits of EPDM Roof

EPDM is an acronym for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is a rubber-type material very effective in roofing. Its use has also hiked a lot in the past few years due to its strength to resist all kinds of weathers.

The biggest advantage of EPDM is that it is light yet very strong and durable. It is ideal for places which see all kinds of climates throughout the year. It is very long-lasting and will be able to last at least thirty years. It is extremely easy to install due to its light properties.

EPDM is also very environment-friendly and can significantly help in reducing energy costs. GR Construction provides all types of EPDM services from repairs to replacement and installation to estimating the overall cost that the customer will incur after EPDM installation.

4 Ply Roofing Installation

Four Ply is also called built-up roofing, and it is one of the most economical options presently available to customers in New York City. It has long been known to be very protective of bad weather and other elements, which makes it very resistant from outside environmental conditions.

If you are interested in 4 Ply Roofing installation in New York City, GR Construction USA is the best option for you. We provide dedicated 4 Ply Roofing services from installation to repairs and full replacements. Make sure to hook up with us for any 4 Ply roofing information.

4 Ply Roofing Benefits

4 Ply roofing has a lot of advantages. At the time of extreme weather, it protects the roof and the house. When there is severe rain, it will prevent leakages and further protect the roof. 4 Ply roofing has multiple layers, so they give significant waterproofing to increase the thermal ability of the house. The biggest, yet the low key advantage of this roofing type is that the maintenance cost is quite low and cheap, which is what makes this type of roofing ideal for cost-effective customers.

What is a 4 Ply Roofing system?

The 4 Ply roofing system is composed of four layers of fibreglass on top of each other sandwiched together by hot Asphalt, which acts as a membrane for waterproofing. It is a very popular roofing material with its structural design found to be extremely usable and protective from all kinds of bad external conditions.

The first layer on top of the roof made of steel, wood or concrete is of the vapour barrier. The second layer on top of the barrier is insulation. Then, the four layers of felt alongside melted hot Asphalt acts as a membrane to make the whole roofing waterproofed.

In the end, gravel ballast layer is added on top of the 4 ply mechanism to protect Asphalt from external weather, which would result in the Asphalt deteriorating. So, the extra ballast layer gives extra protection to Asphalt at the top.

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Why is the Best Choice system for your Roof?

If there is any best roof option we’d give you, the only option, in that case, would be 4 Ply roofing. It is very economical and not costly at all. It does not require a lot of maintenance as some other roofs do. It can easily last 25 years provided timely odd maintenance is done. This roofing can also easily deal with harsher weather in the winter as well as hot summers quite easily while keeping the inner roof insulated.

What is the Average Price for a 4 Ply Roofing system?

In order to find the best price for your roofing service, you should always invite multiple companies at your site for inspection. The company which understands your project the best and gives a competitive price should be chosen.

The actual price depends on a lot of things like size of the roof, spots of leaks, and the kind of insulation medium to be used for roofing, total number of stories and many other things. The total cost also depends on the weather at that specific time. So, in short, there are a variety of things that impact on the actual price of the roofing service.

4 Ply Roofing Insulations

Majority of commercial and industrial buildings have steel roofs installed in them. So, for that purpose, a specific insulation medium has to be used with them before the installation of 4 Ply Roofing. This is done by adding a vapour barrier layer alongside the insulation medium, and after that, the four layers of felts along with hot melted Asphalt are added. With steel decks, it is obligatory to add some insulation medium and then the four-layer ply roofing.

4 Ply Roofing Repairs

The full replacement of the 4 Ply roofing can end up being a very costly process. So, GR Construction team fully examines the place and only recommends a full replacement if the existing 4 Ply roofing is rendered irreparable. If only a repair is needed, we will do the repairs alone and hence you can save a lot of your hard-earned money too in return.

Asphalt Shingle installation, repair and Replacement in New York City

Asphalt shingles have been the main material of use for a long time now, having been used for centuries, and there is a reason why they’re still being used on top of roofs for roofing. They’re being widely used in industrial, commercial and residential buildings and have several advantages over some other materials.

They are very cheap and super-economical. When the weather gets tough, they’re known to be extremely strong in facing extreme weather conditions. They’re also very durable and have been known to last for a long time after installation.

If you’re living in any borough of New York City from Manhattan to Queens, you can easily get a suitable Asphalt roofing replacement using GR Construction. We are the ideal roofing contractor facility out there for you in the city of New York.

High-Quality Asphalt Shingles in NYC, Manhattan & Bronx

GR Construction USA never compromises on the quality of roofing it provides to its customers. High-qualify roofing not only requires a greatly experienced staff, but it also needs top-notch materials which will be used to install the roofing. GR Construction provides great roofing amenities to homeowners living in NYC, Manhattan and Bronx.

Roof Inspections in New York

If you are not content with the current condition of your roof, you should diagnose the issue with the help of an experienced roof contractor service. An in-detailed roofing inspection will give the homeowner an idea about the condition of the roof and the damages that might need repairs.

If you’re seeking an in-depth inspection of your roof, head over to GR Construction. We have a very experienced team which does a very deep diagnosis of the roof and seeks to find all issues that might be there with the roofing. The team also recommends possible solutions on whether the roof needs a repair or a full replacement. You can fully trust our judgement about your roof.

Commercial Roof Inspections

Roof inspection of commercial buildings is very important and should be done frequently so that issues which arise can be negated easily on time. This inspection should not be done by rookies. It should be done by seasoned professionals who’ve been doing this for years.

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GR Construction USA has a team of very professional employees who deeply diagnose and inspect the roofs to find issues in them. When GR’s team is there, you don’t need to worry at all. We’ll diagnose the issues and let you know about the possible solution for repairing those damages.

Rubberized Roofing in New York City

If you are looking for rubberized plane roofing in the city of New York, you’ve come to the right place. GR Construction offers dedicated rubberized roofing services having years of experience in plane roofing. We have the staff readily available to replace your damaged flat roof with a rubber roof, which is far more durable and economical and lasts way more than other roofing types. No matter what weather hits your home, rubberized roofing will always protect it from damages.

What is Steel Roofing?

In the factory, Steel roofs are manufactured in rolls as a whole. Then, to protect it from rusting, a layer of Zinc is often painted on it. The steel sheets come in a lot of shapes and thickness, which can be chosen by customers based on their needs and demands.

Steel is very economical and easy to install. It is also very durable, which means it can last for a long time. Most people have two options for the inside roofing, wood or steel. Steel is more durable, so it is often used as a roofing medium.

Types of Steel Roof Coatings

Mainly, there are two kinds of steel roofing differentiated by the type of coating they possess. The first is when galvanized steel is covered with a thin Zinc layer in order to make it more resistant to rusting and other damages. The second type of coating is when a mixture of Zinc and Aluminium is mixed together to paint on top of the steel. The second type has been known to be far more durable and effective and has been the coating of choice for major steel roof manufacturing companies as well as roofers.

Steel Roof Advantages

Steel roofing has loads of advantages. It is very cheap to install and also doesn’t consume a lot of money on maintenance, and is very eco-friendly as well, which makes it a win-win situation to install steel roofs. But, having said that, there are some other key benefits of steel roofing as well.

Steel is fire-resistant. This means it will not contribute in spreading fire, which is quite a good thing to have. It is also one of the metals most difficult to fire, so that is a plus-point too. Steel also has a reusable property, which means it can be easily recycled. It also cleans extremely easily and can handle adverse weather conditions. It also lasts more than half a century, so it is one of the most durable roofs out there.

Steel Roof Cost

Steel roofing is very inexpensive and has very low installation charges too. It is a super lightweight metal, which is one of the cheapest durable metals for roofing as well. It is also very easy to transport, which makes it very cheap overall. These things contribute a lot to the easy and affordable installation of steel roof, and even when installed, the roofing can last for over half a century.

Myths about Steel Roofing

There is a very common myth about steel roofing that it is very noisy and creates loads of noise. But, the reality is quite opposite to that. In fact, Steel roofing creates near to no noise at all after installation and also protects the house from adverse weathers.

Another common myth is that lightning strikes those houses with steel roofing a lot more than a normal house, which is a wrong theory. The reality is that lightning strikes the highest place in the area and that is not the roof of your house.

TPO Roofing Services

Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a material gaining popularity quite quickly these days and is slowly becoming one of the mostly-used roofing materials in the US. They are famous for being very inexpensive and can cover surfaces of big areas at an extraordinarily cheap rate.

TPO is very easy to install. It is very economical and very environment-friendly. GR Construction provides TPO installation, repairs, replacement and cost estimation services to its customers. We are the ideal TPO roofing service for you in New York City.

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Full Range of TPO Roofing Services Available for NYC Residents

Our team at GR Construction USA is fully motivated and committed to repairs and installation of different types of roofs, and everything will be done with serene quality. But, having said that, our customer service is what really helps us stand out from our competitors in New York City.

For installing TPO roofing, GR Construction always meets deadlines while providing top quality work at the same time. We will offer you wonderful services in a limited budget, and that is the dream of basically every customer who wants to spend money on his house’s infrastructure. TPO also provides long-term benefits, so its practical uses cannot be ignored at all either.

Why Choose a TPO Roofing Membrane?

TPO roofing is not composed of just a single element. It contains mostly rubber and plastic which forms a very strong and resistant sheath to weather and other natural hazards such as UV rays from the sun. It is quite different from a 4 Ply membrane as it is 1 Ply only.

Basically, a good quality TPO roofing contains three layers. The centre part of the TPO is of polyester, while the base is composed of a TPO polymer membrane. The top of the TPO roofing is covered with another TPO layer, which is what gives the roofing real strength. Most of the times, this roofing is used in flat roofs. Another advantage of using TPO roofing is a very low investment during installation.

Why Home & Business Owners in New York Choose Us When it Comes to Roofing?

Getting your new roofing installed can be a very hassling process especially when residing in a huge metropolitan city like New York where you get tons of roofing materials and companies to choose from. Loads of roofing materials are available from TPO to Asphalt roofing. GR Construction has the adequate experience required to help you get your roof done in a short time with serene quality.

Roofing is something that people can’t do once every few months like paint. It is something that is done to last for years and years, and that is why we make sure to give you the best quality roofing to ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free experience while residing in your home.

What sets us apart from Other Roofing Companies in NYC?

The key thing that sets us apart from other contractors is our timeliness. We always complete projects in mind while keeping the quality standards of our work very high. We intend to make the whole roofing process as hassle-free as possible to avoid the customer from having other issues while the installation of the new roofing. Last but not least, we offer extremely competitive prices to our customers so that they can get the best services at the cheapest prices.

Very Less Roofers offer the Service you’ll experience at GR Construction USA

In case you’re looking for a super-reliable and efficient contractor service for your roofing replacement, GR Construction is here at your service. We offer premium roofing services which no one in the NYC, Manhattan or Bronx area can offer you. We are specialists at what we do and there is no company which will offer you the quality of roofing services in New York like us.

The Best Roofing Company in New York

It is quite a challenge for New York homeowners to choose the ideal company for them as well as the best company to do your roofing as you get so many options to choose from when seeking to do your roof. Most people focus only on the price, but the price is just a small fraction of a much bigger picture which you must see as well in order to find the ideal service for you.

You’re going to need a roofing company which not only provides top-notch amenities but also has very professional workers at its disposal to ensure that customers get the roofing service of their dreams.

Several roofing companies in NYC when inspecting a roof, they back off from it as they consider the job too big and difficult for them. Well, playing safe is good but unnecessarily backing off from something that’s very much doable is not being a realist. We, here at GR Construction always prioritize our customers and choose to take on all realistic roofing jobs which are safe for both our employees as well as for homeowners.

Commercial Roofing in New York

There are loads of commercial buildings currently in New York City, and there are several others currently being constructed. So, in order to get the best roofing for your commercial building, contact us immediately in order to avail our fantastic services.

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There are several companies which provide roofing services in NYC but a lot of them run away from large-scale roofing commercial projects. GR Construction; however, thrives on huge projects, and we take it as a challenge in order to keep improving at what we do best for our customers.

How Much Does it Cost to hire a roofer in New York?

Roofing costs in New York City have skyrocketed of late. For a mere repair, you should expect to spend from $500-$1000 in NYC. For a complete roof replacement; however, expect to spend at least $5000 to $8000, which is quite a lot of money. But, GR Construction USA always prioritizes its customers first and makes sure that they get the cheapest rates. These high costs are a significant reason why we emphasize so much on being careful while choosing a roofing service.

What are the common roof styles in New York City?

Common roofs that are used a lot in New York City are many. Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice among the local US public as far as roofing is concerned. Flat roofs, Rubberized roofs, 4 Ply roofs, Steel roofs, Cold roofs and metal sheet roofs are some of the most popular roofing materials available to New Yorkers and hold a lot of limelight.

What is the Best Roof to choose if you Live in New York?

The best roofs that have been known to be super-durable in the US have been Asphalt shingles, wooden shingles, metal roofs and concrete or clay tiles. Recently, solar tiles have been introduced to the market as well which act as a great source of energy for the house too. So, roofing has also kept evolving with the advancements in technology.

Can Insurance Pay for a new roof?

There are some cases where insurance companies pay for damages to roof but in most cases, they won’t even think about including roof repairs or replacements in their insurance policy. There are some companies which pay for roof damages which occur as a result of natural hazards, but in most cases, no one will pay for it. Even those companies who used to offer insurance coverage for roof damages are moving away from this idea.

What you should look for in a roofing company in New York?

The first thing you should look for in a roofing company is their services and reviews from other customers. If the reviews are great, then there is a good chance that you should choose them but even then, there are some other things you should perhaps look at.

The quality of services they provide at the price they do also holds importance. Companies often provide great services but charge too high an amount. So, choosing a company which offers good services at very economical prices is something that should be highly prioritized.