Spanish Tile Roofing Specialists in NYC, Manhattan and Bronx

Spanish Tile Roof

So, do you reside in New York City or its peripheries and have made your mind up about getting Spanish tiles installed on your roof? Well, you’ve jumped at the right spot! GR Construction is a Spanish roof tile installation and repair specialists available exclusively to the people of NYC, Manhattan and Bronx.

We have been operating as roofing contractors in NYC for more than 20 years. We have all the necessitated equipment and highly-qualified human resources needed to install great-quality Spanish tiles on your abode roof. We always make sure that everything is done correctly at the first attempt so that you wouldn’t have to hassle at all. So what are you waiting for? Still not sure about how it will be done? Call us right away for free help and get in touch with one of our experts.

About Spanish Tile Roofs in NYC

A wide variety of shingles and tiles are being used on roofs in New York City these days. From plastic and polymer to wood and metal, all sorts of constituents are being used to manufacture different types of roofing styles, which gives homeowners a tremendously wide range of roofing options to choose from.

The origins of Spanish tiles go way back in the 17th century in mainland Spain. It doesn’t contain just a single motif tile. It contains various tile designs with both Mexican as well as Spanish influences and has been used for centuries in both North and South America. These tiles can be easily manufactured with the help of clay, and that is the reason why these tiling designs go way back.

Do Spanish Tiles improve your Roof?

Spanish tiles give your roof a unique style like nothing else. They were used in high-end Spanish homes in colonial areas as well as mainland Spain, which means when installed, they are an emblem of class and luxury. The variety of Spanish tiling styles gives you various options in choosing the right tiling design for your house roof.

Advantages of Spanish Tiles

There are several plusses of installing Spanish tiles on your gable. You get plenty of color options when choosing the right tile design, which gives you great flexibility in choosing your tile design and color. You can either get plain or patterned tiles, which contain several patterns including the geometric patterns on several Spanish and Mexican churches.

Clay isn’t the only material to manufacture these roofing tiles. There are other materials used as well and that gives you further flexibility in choosing the right tiling material for your roof. Spanish tiles have long been known to be extremely durable, which means they take quite a long time to tear off and safeguards your roof for long periods.