New Flat Roofs for Residential and Commercial Buildings in NYC

Flat Roof

Flat roofing is the most common roofing type. This type of roofing is quite popular in commercial and industrial buildings where there is a large amount of area to cover for a large number of offices. It is very important to have a sturdy and robust flat roof so that your commercial building stays safe.

If you reside in New York City, we’ve got you covered. GR Construction does not limit its contractor facilities to New York City alone. We also cover Manhattan and Bronx and have been working as roofing contractors in New York City for more than 20 year. So if you belong to any of the five NYC boroughs or the afore-mentioned two areas, we’ll make sure to provide you great flat roof services at very affordable prices too. With GR Construction USA at the helm, you are guaranteed to be served in the best possible manner.

Which Flat Roof is best for you?

There are many kinds of materials used in manufacturing different kinds of flat roofs. The most common flat roof types are coatings, single ply roofs, built-up roofs, and asphalt roofs. You can choose any depending on your requirements and the structuring of your roof.

Are there any disadvantages of having a Flat Roof?

When the size of the roof increases, the weight that the building has to cope with also increases, and that can significantly reduce the number of flat roofing options that companies have. The average life expectancy of flat roofs is between ten to fifteen years. Draining of flat roofs is a constant issue, one which is not present in non-flat roofs. These are some of the cons of flat roofs.

Best Contractor for Flat Roofs Installation

So, you’ve made your mind up about choosing a good contractor for your flat roof installation. Now, the next step is getting your place inspected by some experienced roofers which can diagnose the entire problem with care and precision.

If you reside in or close to New York City, you can get the best contractor for you here at GR Construction. We’re the ideal roofing service for you and have been serving the NYC area for decades. We have all roofing types available, and you can choose any flat roofing type depending on your needs. Our experienced team also guides our clients through every step to help you choose the best flat roofing material for you.