Best Roofing Company in Manhattan


If you live in the New York City borough of Manhattan and need a roofing service, you’re at the perfect place. GR Construction USA facilitates the Manhattanites with all kinds of roofing services like roofing repairs and leaks. If you want a fresh roofing installation or seek a repair for the already-installed roof, we’re the ideal contractors for you.

We’ve been serving the residents of Manhattan for more than 20 years and take great pride in the quality of work we provide. We offer very affordable prices to the Manhattan homeowners and always finish the work within the initial budget of the customer. Call us immediately for further information.

Roofing Contractor Manhattan
Best Roofing Company in Manhattan
Best Roofers in Manhattan

Best Roofers in Manhattan

Roofing is the process of building the roof of a building with some material. There are many materials used in the construction of roofs these days. Different contractors use different materials for roofing construction depending on the shape and size of the roof. While roaming in Manhattan, you’ll see tons of roofing designs and shapes everywhere and will need an experienced roofing contractors in NYC for you. But before going further, let’s delve deep into the kinds of popular roofing shapes and the materials used in the construction of US homes these days.

Popular Roof Shapes in NY

The most popular roofing shapes in the United States these days are four. The first is the shed roof which is used for garages and buildings of smaller sizes. The second main type is the gable roof which has long been known as the most famous roofing shape due to its unique triangular style where two sheds combine together and a peak is formed in the middle due to that.

Roofing Contractor in Manhattan
Roofing in Manhattan
Roofing Contractor Manhattan NY

The third one is a hipped roof which is very similar to the design of a pyramid. The hipped roof is very popular and useful, especially in adverse weather conditions. But, with the advantages comes an increase in cost too and this roofing type costs a lot more than some other kinds. The fourth and most simple roofing type is the flat roof which is very useful if you’re building a multi-story building and will find plenty of space for more architectural structures to be installed on top of the roof.

Types of Roofing Materials used and Roofing Types

There are a plethora of roofing materials used in the construction of roofing. Materials like Asphalt, Slate, metal, clay, concrete and solar tiles are very popular these days. One more and very eco-friendly roofing type is the green roofing which requires the installation of natural habitat on top of your roof and is getting very popular among the public. Each roofing material and type has its own pros and cons, and one can choose whatever roofing type he wants depending on the shape of their roof.


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