Best Slate roofing company in Manhattan, Installation and repairs offered

Slate Roof

GR Construction USA is proud to have served the Manhattan area for last two decades and use the modern practices, updated tools and highly qualified experienced roofers to get the best and long-lasting results.

Living in the most populated and well-built area of New York City means the importance of residential means is ever increasing. Manhattan is considered the core of the city and durable and innovative roofing solutions have always been in demand. Slate roofing has always been the most durable and versatile way of roofing to grace the Manhattan skyline.

Significance of Slate Roofing

Slate roofs have been used for centuries and are revered for their display of elegance and class. The durability of slate roofs is above all of its competitors as they tend to last for well over a century. Natural properties of slate mean apart from its durability and style, they tend to endure all sorts of climate extremities. Manhattan experience cold wet winters and humid, hot summers with more than enough rainfall all year round and slate roof is just the exact type of roofing for such extreme and harsh weather. Only down side of slate roofing is that it is way too heavy and put unnecessary Burdon on the building. Installing and repairing the slate roof is an art and you need to make sure that you employ experienced and talented roofers to get the job done.

Experienced Roof Contractors in Manhattan

GR Construction USA has an experience of over two decades of installing and repairing the roofs in Manhattan and surroundings and know the trends and needs of the area better than anyone. We employ modern techniques and rich experience to install or repair slate roofs with the help of updated tools so you get long lasting results. You can contact us for your quires or appointment and we guarantee you stress free years with durable roofing solution.