Spanish Tile Roof Specialists in Bronx, Installation and Repairs

Spanish Tile Roof

Spanish tile roof on your building can make a world of difference in the way your building exterior looks like. If you have decided to install the Spanish tile roof on your building than you have reached at the right place as GR roofing contractors can provide long lasting and beautiful roofing solutions in Bronx at economical prices.

Why Spanish Tiles?

How can someone not like the Spanish tiles on their roof? Those classic wavy beautiful tiles can give a colourful and classic look to your building. Those tiles can last a long time too and you can expect them to stay on for over 50 to 100 years. Spanish tiles made out of clay and concrete are known to withstand hail, high winds, and even fire. It becomes an investment of lifetime. If you live in a coastal area where salt air is present then Spanish roof tiles are best choice to withstand the damp air. They can also be ideal for extreme weather and excessive downpour. Materials used in those tiles means they are impervious to rot and insect damage and unlike wood, tiles roofs will never decay.

Best Roofers in Bronx to Install Spanish Tiles Roof

Installing the Spanish tiles roofing is an intricate and demanding process. You have to have sturdy structure to support such long lasting and heavy roof. Roof frame needs to be structurally strong to get the optimum results. This is where an experienced and reliable roofing contractor comes handy. GR Construction USA can provide a decade long experience and an assurance to use updated practices and state of the art tools to give you ultimate peace of mind with quality and durability. Contact us for a quick evaluation to know what possibilities lie awaiting for you.