What should you ask a roofer? Before Awarding a contract
  • June 17,2021

Looking to Hire a Roofing Contractor, Make Sure You Know the Answers to These Before the work starts

Getting your roof installed is not a small or insignificant investment thus finding the right roofing contractor is critical for a successful and professional job. There is a reason behind thousands of complaints that consumer agencies receive about roofing contractors. Even if you do your due diligence, there is always a clear and present danger of you running into an untrained and deceptive roofing contractor.

There are many ways you can evaluate a roofing contractor and his work before throwing your hard-earned money away. We are going to have a look at preventative ways that ensure you get an authenticated and reliable roofing contractor. All you have to do is to make sure you have clear answers to those questions that we suggest you should ask before awarding a contract to the roofer.

A Physical Address is a Must Have

As basic as it might sound but no credible company works without a physical address or an office. Make sure that the roofing contractor you are hiring has an actual address and it is being used as their office on regular basis. A contractor without a physical address must be looked at suspiciously.

Licensed to Work as a Roofing Contractor

Every state has varying procedures and licensing regulations that they ask every roofer to comply. In order to operate under the law, the roofer must obtain those licenses. Ask the roofer if they are licensed and if so, do check with your local licensing and codes authority and make sure your roofing company is up to date with those authorities.

Do They Have Appropriate Insurances?

There are several insurances that are required by authorities such as liability insurance that protects your home from any damage that may occur during the construction process. If any part of your building or the building next to yours is damaged, general liability insurance can help you avoid paying for that damage from your own pocket.

Another important insurance is the workman’s compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance ensures that in the event of a mishap or accident with a worker on the job site, you do not have to pay the hefty medical bills from your own pocket. As long as you ensure that your roofing company is covered by both of those critical insurances, you can let them work on your site.

What Warranties and References Can they Produce?

There is no harm in confirming what warranties do they offer for their work. The important thing in this regard is that material is usually covered by its manufacturer. Warranty that your roofer would provide is actually for its work not material. So, make sure to ask them what is covered under the warranties.

Best way to assess the reputation of a roofing contractor is to look for previous references. Ask them if they could provide a site address where they have worked before to see the results and insist if they can provide the contact number so you can confirm their way of working. If the previous references sound satisfied with their work, then you should let them work for you.

Own Labour or Sub Contractors

A must ask question to ask from your roofing contractor is that if they use their own labour or they use the sub-contractors. Ask them in case if they use the sub-contractors, are they insured by the same insurance or they have their own insurance. It’s a common practice to use sub-contractors but it is your responsibility to ensure that every one working at your site is covered so you do not have to pay hefty bills if anything goes wrong.

Trade Experience and Training Certifications

Roofing is generally a contract base business and it is easy for them to go out of business if the work dries up. If a roofing contractor business has an established business for a considerable time and is well reputed within the community then it is a sign of a reliable and well reputed business.

Ask them about the certifications that the business as a whole and the individual crew possess. A well-trained crew is an asset to the company and can-do wonders when it comes to doing a stellar job.

Building Permit requirements and Availability of Tax Credits

In many instances, a building permit is required before you start working on the site. Ask your roofing contractor if there is a need to acquire the permit and if so how one can acquire one.

Many states offer tax credits or utility rebates if you are eligible for tax credits or utility rebates. These tax credits and utility rebates can help reduce the costs significantly.

Ask For a Written Estimate

Never fall for the oldest trick in this trade and award or sign a contract without getting a written estimate of the job they are getting done for you. Ask them to provide detailed written estimate that should include any potential costs that could come up during the actual construction process.

Payment Method and Estimated Completion Time

Get assurances about the estimated completion time and have that in writing. Include a penalty clause if they do not complete the project in time.

Never pay a roofer upfront. You can pay them some amount as deposit and ask them to bill you the complete amount when job is completed and workmanship is examined.

Installing a new roof or getting it repaired is usually a stressful period and not only you are spending large sums but also are dealing with multiple issues. Asking those questions and getting assurances is always a great help.

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