How to Waterproof a Concrete House in the Best Possible Way?
  • October 26,2020

All you Need to Know About Waterproofing a Concrete House

You have incurred huge amount on building your dream house but now first shower has caused seepage that has badly destroyed the interiors of the house. You might be thinking that how has this happened when you have used the best building materials. Likewise, services of best building company were hired also. But you missed one direly needed thing that is waterproofing.

It is worth mentioning here that concrete house needs waterproofing. And due to hassle of work, you forget to engage best waterproofing company in NYC. Water seeping occurs through ceiling and walls. It is the first and foremost thing to make a plan of waterproofing with your architect beforehand. Make it certain that the roofers, tilers and floorers have perceived it thoroughly.

Durability of Concrete Doesn’t Mean That it is Safe From all the Calamities

Concrete roofs are being the most liked roofing having history old entry into the architecture. But durability of concrete doesn’t mean that it is safe from all the calamities like moisture. It too needs water proofing.

Through water proofing, you can increase the long-life of your residential and commercial buildings. Without further ado, by making your building waterproofed, you can increase the durability of your roof. That is why, waterproofing in NYC has become an integral part of the building construction.

Types of Water Proofing Being Used

Mainly two types of water proofing are being used that are: sheet based waterproofing membranes (placed underneath tiles/stones or cement) and the liquid applied waterproofing (spray of hot liquid chemical that forms like a solid on cooling). Both of these waterproofing is effective with different advantages. The sheet based waterproofing membranes need wide area to unroll and strict care is taken to join the two rolls. Whereas, liquid applied waterproofing is quite comfortable to apply and you can even tackle small area also conveniently. The biggest plus of this liquid waterproofing is that it comprehensively covers the ceiling to wall and floor to wall joints.

Exposing of Iron Accelerates Corroding

To prevent your concrete roofing, it is an absolute must to protect it from devastation from water seepage. Technically speaking, while roofing a building, concrete is reinforced with steel bars or mesh. There is no arguing that erosion is the compulsory process that occurs in the air or moisture. Due to this iron is eroded severely. Now expansion of steel causes the concrete to crack resultantly. Exposing to air, irons’ oxidation process increases, thus further accelerating the damaging of concrete. And thus knocking of building occurs that is a great loss to you.

Get the Estimate of Loss Occurred

In this context it deserves to mention here that proper stich in time saves you from a lot of troubles. So whenever you see some water seepage, take immediate action and choose the waterproofing contractors in New York City for assessing the loss occurred. Now start the sealing process because it will stop further concrete damage. If sealing is not done accurately, you will have to incur more budget on maintenance, repairs and replacement of roof. This will also deter microorganisms’ growth on building that love to grow on moist places.

Roof membrane is regarded as critical protective component for the roofing. It deters the water and moisture away from the building, especially roof. Let us have a look at various roof membranes:

Pre-Formed Sheet Membranes

These are the best choice to waterproof the concrete roof with the availability of its two versions. It is welded to join strictly making it watertight membrane. PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride pre-formed sheet membranes are easily available in the market that are well suited for roofing to bear high wind pressure and torrential rains.

Wolfin Waterproofing Systems

This polymeric PVC system can be fixed conveniently on surface or bonded owing to its supreme quality nature. The wolfin waterproofing systems have unique properties to thrive well in all weathers and climates. Wolfin is usable on moist areas and is compatible to various installations like asphalt, liquid membranes and bitumen. This is the most appropriate for areas of prime importance.

Cosmofin Waterproofing Systems

If you intend to have long-term investment and want to remain contented in your dream house, then Cosmofin is your great choice that can keep aches and pains of moistures and water away. It is a PVC waterproof membrane having inlay of central glass. It is used in various buildings like commercial, civil, marine and residential. Cosmofin is best suited for terraces, balconies, rooftops, and retaining walls. These systems can tolerate high wearing and tearing weather factors.

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