Advantages of Waterproofing your Home When You Live in NYC
  • November 26,2020

How can Waterproofing keep You Contented While Living in NYC

Home covered with a roofing is your precious asset of life for which people always long for to have. But any seepage or leakage into foundation, walls or roofing, can wreak havoc to it. Visionary owners of house always keep a vigilant eye on it so that it could be deterred in time. This water seepage can damage any condo or co-op severely. The best solution of it to make preventive measures while constructing your apartment, residential or commercial.

Be warned, never think that the waterproofing done in your building during construction, is sufficient but even then you have to have maintenance measures to completely ban the entry of water of any kind. Any severe damage for instance to roof, could make roof shingle repairs or replacement. There is two layered protection mechanism against waterproofing. The exterior protective layer provides complete safety against waterproofing whereas interior layer of waterproofing materials, further ensures the protection of overall building.

The prolonged process of seepage and dampness causes a great loss to building as well as to wooden works of the house. An ignorance towards this, could result into severe loess or collapse of the building as well. Waterproofing gives you following benefits:

  1. Protect Basement of the House

To protect basement of the house is always grave concern as main threat of water entrance is from here. Mostly excessive remains and flooding causes this water entrance. Apart from this water, seepage and humidity is another cause of basement vulnerability. It happens that some plumbing work gets leaked inside the walls and causes a huge damage to the building structure and paints. All this clearly depicts that how threatening is this water problem for the cracks of foundation.

  1. Protection from Water

This is self-explanatory that real benefit of waterproofing is its ability to deter water entering into building structures. There is no doubt that biggest threat to your home is of water seepage into creaks and joints. And if it succeeds in entering inside the building structures, the life of your residence become vulnerable and anytime some havoc could happen.

  1. Healthier Home Environment

Whatever the case may be, nobody will allow to make his health at risk and this has doubled in the current scenario of COVID-19 that has encircled the whole world. In the presence of seepage of water and moisture, the chances of growth of disease spreading organisms increases. So be vigilant about it and nip the evil in the bud.

  1. Structural Protection

Water seepage can damage your house foundation severely. And in this context, one must keep in mind that this will damage edges and joints at the junction’s floor and walls. Invisibly, this damage is so severe that you cannot even realize it properly. Best way to deter this is to make effective waterproofing of basement so that your house could remain safe from adversary of water seepage.

  1. Secure Your Property

If you have properly focused on making house waterproofed, it will go a long way to keep your house safe and protected from the dangers of water leakage threats. It is pertinent to mention here that if you intend to sell your house free from structural defects, then make all efforts to fully make it water proofed.

  1. Waterproofing Lowers the Electricity Charges

It goes without saying that waterproofing not only protect your house and you, but also reduces your electricity bills. It is obvious that in presence of dampness and moist atmosphere, usage of AC will increase. It is estimated that you can lower your electricity bills even 10-15% lower by waterproofing.

  1. Water Pressure Causes Leaks and Cracks

Your building structure carries 2-4 inches’ thick layer of concrete beneath the floor. Being so thin, it is quite easy for concrete floor to get damaged due to water pressure from ground. Due to this water pressure, leaks an d cracks are created. Only waterproofing keep it safe.

  1. Decreased Insurance Expenses

By spending a little on waterproofing, you will have not only safety from floods but also secure from wet issues. Practically claims pertaining to water damages cover entire insurance claims by the owners of homes. Flooding causes damage in form of cracks and structural damages. This causes a havoc to drywall like materials pertaining to surplus paying of claims. It is better to ensure basement waterproofing that protect flooding and issues related to wet basement.

  1. Waterproofing Increases Property Value

It is understood, if you do not take strict action to control water leaks and this situation prolongs for many years, then surely your precious home will be devalued day by day. It is assessed that this waterproofing decreases the property value even up to 25%.

  1. Your Memories are Protected

Truly speaking this is the biggest loss if your precious albums, memorabilia and furniture are destroyed by water seepage entering from basement. If you do not control this in time, all your unforgettable memories will be eroded by water.

  1. Lessen you Stress and Strain by Waterproofing

When you are succeeded in overcoming water leakage into your building structures, you are sure to get relieved and can spend tension free life. So much so that due to this relief, your whole family can feel the calm and peace.

  1. Conducive Home Environment

Mildew or mold is born due to increased water seepage or moisture level. Creation of this mold is not only threating for your building but also causes disease like respiratory diseases, breathing issues and allergies. These mildew and mold are present in hidden points in foundation and walls also. But effective waterproofing destroys their population by removing extra moisture content.

It is clear understanding to never pay a deaf ear to your so valuable investments in the form residential or commercial buildings. Keep yourself always abreast of what is going on in the interior and exterior of building and if you feel something odd, never show reluctance in contacting some relevant expert.

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