Importance of Roof Cleaning
  • September 12,2015

Roof Cleaning

A beautiful roof can be a great addition to the home, but it will only stay beautiful if you afford it the proper maintenance and roof cleaning.

Your roof serves important practical purposes, but it also plays a significant role in the appearance of your home. With every passing day, dirt, debris, and moss or algae can accumulate integrity of your roof. There are some clear and visible signs which intimate for the cleaning of the roof.

Visible stains on your roof are sure signs that cleaning in needed. Stains often appear as dark streaks on certain areas of your roof. They may even extend past your gutters and onto your siding.


Although most large debris will be blown off your roof with in a few days, areas that appear to have been bogged down in leaves, dirt, or other debris for several weeks are in definite need of a roof cleaning.

Moss, mildew, or algae growing on any part of your roof, particularly between shingles, is a clear sign that roof cleaning is required.


Besides of these all signs, you must follow a check list or after a defined interval of time, roof cleaning is conducted to avoid any big disaster to your roof.

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