How to Build a Fence
  • November 28,2015


There are a number of ways to build a fence. They may be security purpose, noise control, defining a boundary or any other. It’s up to the project owner for what reason he want to construct or build a fence. A good constructed fence is a beautiful addition to the horizontal look to your house.

There are some points to consider prior to construction; fence design and its suitability to your home, privacy issues, wind shelter, legal obligations, requirements of the local authority, boundary definitions, consultation with neighbors, how it blends with the local environment, and of course, cost.

The following construction sequence is for a simple post/rail and paling fence, but can be adapted for any fence design depending on your enthusiasm. So grab your confidence with both hands and let’s get started.

Collect the Material


In the first part, you have to collect all the necessary material. For example if you want to build a wooden fence, then it require different material. If you want to build a concrete fence, then there are different options. It is an advise that if you are a beginner, do not go with the concrete fence option because it is a professional sort of work. Wooden fence is also a professional skilled work but is requires less effort.

Define Construction Phases and Parts

Always define the fence construction in simple and three parts. Beginning, middle and end step. To define this will surely divide the work load in equal parts and to complete a project portion wise always make it simple and easy. The first step includes the material collecting which you already did. The remaining beginning portion is to decide where to build the fence, and take all material to that place. This is the first step.

In the second part, start your work with defined plan. If you feel any sort of help is required or you want to call a fence contractor, just go for GR General Contractors. They will guide you in every way you want.

Once you have constructed the structure, which includes the middle part of fence building, the last and final step starts. It includes the joints and fixing.


Be sure that you have tightened the bolts and nuts with equal and required force. There is it. If you want to give it color, you can add it to the final step, or overall look step.

These are the simple and the easiest ways to build a fence.

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