Brick Pointing For Durability & Beauty
  • May 24,2014

To beautify front elevation of a building numerous options are made available by construction contractors to their clients. Brick pointing is an old technique that provides a neat and peculiar look to your property. Bricks have been in use for centuries and it went through modernisation and has become fit to be used in present day constructions. Modern bricks are designed in a way that make them ideal for construction and enhance durability of building structures. It is undoubtedly most beautiful natural building material available. Centuries old style is blended with the modern manufacturing facilities in United States. Special shapes and tailor made designs are offered in huge range of colours to suit your construction requirements. Clay is used for manufacturing bricks that is primary material of huge building structures.

English Bond

English Bond

Bricks are not only used for exterior walls but for a lot of other construction purposes that is why this material has been used in great numbers. For front walls pointing is done to make them appear as neat as possible. With this you do not need to paint or stucco as it protects the property as well as making it aesthetically plausible. Different patterns of brick bond can be seen on exterior walls. This work needs to be maintained for durability and it is called tuck pointing that replace the old mortar with the fresh one and thus joints remain strong and intact. Whenever you want this work to be done on your building exterior you can select from the following options.

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